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Offer for Incoming Students from the DAK health insurance

The DAK Gesundheit offers in cooperation with EASYTOGERMANY 2 variations



for both annual repayments of up 317.- € incl always applies. the deposit of 42.- € (300 RMB)

both offers of the DAK/EASYTOGERMANY


Easytogermany and DAK offer a new special tariff.

This tariff can be chosen until the age of 29 years

This tariff combines several advantages:

- Worldwide health insurance coverage for 3rd month for each trip

(Statutory health insurance don`t provides worldwide coverage)

-  Refund of new collection of glasses up to 200.- €

(Statutory health insurance companies only give a fixed subsidy, so reconsideration of glasses usually)

-  Dentures up to 55% see details

(The statutory health insurance pays only a part of dentures, therefore, in Germany, an additional hedge is always recommended)

- Refund of medicines up to 1000.- € annually

These include the vaccines for the HPV vaccine (uterine cancer vaccine). 500.- €, and all other prescribed medications are prescribed by the doctor. 80% of these costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 1000.- € per year (The statutory health insurance will pay 5, - € / maximum 10 €.)

This tariff has many benefits and helps you to minimize your own shares in an emergency.

Here you will find the special solution

In general, the following services are provided

● within 24 hours the necessary health insurance confirmation for the entry visa

● Within 2 weeks, you will receive the necessary health insurance confirmations for the desired health insurance for the university and visa extension in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the incoming travel insurance confirmations of the European Travel Insurance

● Ensuring the completion of your personal health insurance card incl. Photo after entry into the desired statutory health insurance. Important: this can not be done with the TK (the technicians), as the technicians can not currently apply our service for technical reasons. This is also not necessary for ERV products.

● Necessary processing and securing the reimbursement of the bonuses system of offers Easytogermany solutions of the different statutory health insurance funds.

● Supervision by qualified staff during and before your stay in the Federal Republic of Germany

Important: for all incoming persons who directly insure themselves via the DAK, TK or BIG, a one-time service fee of 42 € will be charged. At the DAK, this fee will be refunded after entering the health insurance and the fulfillment of the required confirmations.


General information of DAK Gesundheit