Change to DAK health insurance

To be part of the DAK health family

Change to a health insurance with better price-service ratio. Easytogermany and DAK Health make this change easy and you will enjoy extra bonus, developed by Easytogermay and DAK for their customers.

DAK health insurance: Your health insurance for a healthy life

DAK is the largest public health insurance company in Germany, and meanwhile with over 230 years of work experience the most traditional and diverse. About six million people trust DAK for its professional service, competitiveness and wide scope. We are the health insurance which accompanies you into the future, for your health, your life and the future of your children.

DAK health insurance: Your health insurance for a healthy future

Who knows, what the future will bring. With regard to health, the insurance is not just a short companion for one period of life. Cooperating with Easytogermany, DAK is a partner which you can trust throughout your life. You can rely on their services in all life stages, either you are a student, employee, freelancer or a family member.

Easy to change to DAK health insurance

You have the right to decide which public insurance health you want to have. In general, during the following 18 months after changing health insurance, you will be insured by the new insurance. Then you will have the right again, to choose another insurance. It is easy to be done! You terminate the old health insurance and then you fill an application form for DAK membership online.

To the termination form

Then you need to send the termination form to Easytogermany. After examining the form, you will soon receive the DAK membership card from DAK. The prerequisite is, you need to apply through Easytogermany, because the platform of Easytogermany integrates a picture function, so that your photo will be processed directly. Unlike private insurance companies, public ones do not demand customers to have prior health check.

Here a glimpse of each steps:

You will find here in Easytogermany the offers from DAK and you can choose one of our DAK services.

DAK / Easytogermany solution


Easytogermany and DAK offer a new special tariff.

This tariff can be chosen until the age of 29 years

This tariff combines several advantages:

- Worldwide health insurance coverage for 3rd month for each trip

(Statutory health insurance dont cover worldwide healtinsurence)

This insurance cover is also offered in the Basic and Comfort

- Refund of new collection of glasses up to 200.- €

Statutory health insurance companies only give a fixed subsidy, so reconsideration of glasses usually

Is also in the basic attitude and at Comfort are up to 300.- €

- Refund of medicines up to 1000.- € annually

These include the vaccines for the HPV vaccine (uterine cancer vaccine). 500.- €, and all other prescribed medications are prescribed by the doctor. 80% of these costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 1000.- € per year

(The statutory health insurance you need pay 5, - € / maximum 10 €.)

 - Hospital daily allowance 10.- € for every day in the hospital

- Once a year 60.- € refund for dental cleaning by the DAK

- ISIC student card if desired for 3 years free DAK (this card offers many discounts, such as travel with Germany's largest bus company Flixbus)

- Annually up to 150.- € reimbursement for travel vaccinations

This tariff has many benefits and helps you to minimize your own shares in an emergency.

Here you will find the special solution

Here starts the application