Change to TK (Die Techniker) Insuranc

To change to TK health insurance will give you more advantages, because you will receive a diversity of services for your payment through TK, which can meet your specific demands.

  The requirement on health insurance will vary according to new stages of life, for instance, at the beginning of career, during your study or training, as a young family or at the beginning of retirement. Through Easytogermany, you will enjoy easily good prices and additional protection from your health insurance which meets your individual demands. Pre-check, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation are the components for TK insurance. It boasts not only various services but also high qualities. Out of similar reasons, you can choose additional insurance services and more attractive packages of DKV (a bigger private health insurance company in Germany) via Easytogermany.

Easy to change to TK health insurance

You have the right to decide which public insurance health you want to have. In general, during the following 18 months after changing health insurance, you will be insured by the new insurance. Then you will have the right again, to choose another insurance. It is easy to be done! You terminate the old health insurance and then you fill an application form for TK membership online.

To the termination form

Then you need to send the termination form to Easytogermany. After examining the form, you will soon receive the TK membership card from TK. The prerequisite is, you need to apply through Easytogermany, because the platform of Easytogermany integrates a picture function, so that your photo will be processed directly. Unlike private insurance companies, public ones do not demand customers to have prior health check.

Here a glimpse of each steps:

You will find here in Easytogermany the offers from TK and you can choose one of our TK services.

Solution from TK

Here starts the application



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