ERV solutions for incoming persons

for stays up to 2 years

Easytogermany offers au pairs, students, language and exchange students, interns, doctoral students, workers and participants in work and travel programs or participants in the Federal Voluntary Service a cheap health insurance for their stay abroad. With this health insurance you are well looked after on your journey abroad.

Good reasons for the foreign health insurance for students & au pairs:

From €21 per month

• The minimum protection for your stay abroad without body health check!

• Tariffs also bookable with worldwide validity.

• Home visits are insured.

• Completion until the last minute before departure, but not advisable for the visa application in visa offices of the Federal Republic of Germany in your country.

• You will save money in an emergency if you are hospitalized or must take medicine.

• Our Emergency Call Center provides emergency medical assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

1. Scope of insurance

In cases of illness and accidents occurring during your stay abroad, we will cover costs for:

• necessary outpatient or inpatient medical treatment including operations and medicines.

• remedies for tooth pain.

• Aids equipment (for example, walking aids, renting a wheelchair), provided they are necessary since the start of your journey.

• Medical treatment of pregnancy complications.

• the medically necessary transportation to your place of residence.

• Search, rescue or retrieval costs, up to €10000.

Our emergency call center provides emergency medical assistance 24 hours a day, in many languages, for example:

• Organization of hospital visit for a person close to you

• Advance cost of EUR 15000 against the hospital

• We make contact between the treating physicians and your family doctor for the exchange of information.

Insurance protection also valid during your home visit.

Insurance sum: unlimited

2. What is not insured

There are risks not to be covered by the foreign health insurance. For instance, those treatments which as you understand before your trip will be needed during your stay abroad out of medical reasons (for example, dialyses), are not to be covered by the insurance. For more information, you can find more information on the insurance conditions.

Here you will find the insurance conditions.

3. Rates

We offer the following solutions and services:

1. Incoming health insurance with self-payment of €100 per insurance case for medical treatment costs abroad, from €21 per month.

2. Incoming health insurance without self-payment per insurance case for medical treatment costs abroad, from €36 per month.


Tariffs with comfort protection

(Comfort protection means: liability and accident insurance recommended by the Federal Republic of Germany)

3. Incoming health insurance with self-payment €100 per insurance case and comfort protection for medical treatment costs abroad, from €28 per month.

4. Incoming health insurance without self-payment per insurance case and comfort protection for medical treatment costs abroad, from

€47 per month.

Services of comfort protection:

It also confirms to the regulations of VB-ERV / Student 2015.

Read insurance policy

• Accident insurance

Insured are accidents in the country of residence, which lead to permanent disability or to death. Sums insured:

Death € 5000/ disability € 50000

Cosmetic surgery after an accident up to € 3000.

Liability Insurance

Protection for personal injury and property damage during life Of the insured stay. Sums of cover: € 1 million flat rate for Personal injury and property damage. Damage to furniture rented in the household

The host family, in dormitories or comparable accommodation Are insured up to € 1,000, -. Insured are also damages by the Lost by keys for the mentioned accommodations. In these Cases we pay for the exchange of locks up to € 5,000, -. Locked out Claims resulting from consequential loss of a key loss.

Protection for liability risk of person and property damage during the insured stay. The cover amount is one million euro in total for person and property damage. Damage of rented furniture in the house of the guest family, in dormitory or comparable residences will be insured, up to €1000. Also insured is the damage due to the loss of key for the above-mentioned residences. In this case, we will pay for the change of key up to €5000. For induced damage because of key loss is not included.

Interruption of insurance

The interruption of insurance of residence is insured, when a close relative is dead, seriously ill or injured because of accident.

Insurance sum: €2000.

 Here you can see the tariffs at a glance

Tariff overview

What we need for the completion of health insurance

- A valid credit card

- A German address*

* If you do not have any, use for input:

Insurance agency Stieger & Partner

Willi-Ernst-Ring 15, 83512 Wasserburg am Inn

Easytogermany will take you up to 24 hours o help with the application form here.

After checking the data, we will make an appointment with you to create the policies you need for visa application and the extension of your residence permit here in Germany.

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