Insurance Change Made Easy in Germany

1.Changes of health insurance in Germany

The health insurance right gives insured persons, regardless of whether legally or privately insured, the right to change health insurance. If you are dissatisfied with the service of your current health insurance, or if another health insurance provider offers better benefits, the insurance company can change. If the new statutory health insurance fund is informed of the exercise of the electoral law, the latter may not refuse membership. When changing, however, you have to stick to binding and notice periods. The basic principles can be found in the fifth book of the Social Code (SBG V).

18-month binding period for health insurancel

According to SBG V, insured persons have the right to change their insurance after 18 months. These 18 months of minimum commitment time begin with entry into health insurance and do not take into account interruptions. At the end of the 18 months, insurance can be terminated at any time, taking into account the relevant notice period.

Special right of termination of health insurance

In the case of a premium increase, you have a special termination right with two months' notice period, even beyond the month in which the contribution is increased.

Termination period for health insurances

Statutory health insurers have a two-month notice period.


A Membership of a new insurance is a prerequisite for successful termination. For this, you will receive a membership confirmation from your new health insurance company, which you must submit to your old health insurance within the notice period. Otherwise the termination is not possible and you remain insured with the previous health insurance. It should be noted here that the electoral sickness fund may issue the confirmation only if the termination of the old fund is present.

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