Liability insurance

A liability insurance in Germany is not compulsory but indispensable, because because no other insurance is more comprehensive and protects you from damages of daily life. Because you fail to watch out for a short moment, and then it already happened!

Why a liability insurance?

The liability insurance is important because according to the German Civil Code § 823

Civil Code Section 823

Liability for damages

(1) Any person who intentionally or negligently violates the life, the body, the health, the liberty, the property or another rights of the other, is obliged to compensate for the resulting damage.

(2) The same obligation applies to a person who intentionally is in breach of the protection of another purpose. If, according to the content of the law, a breach of this is also possible without fault, the obligation to provide compensation shall only arise in the event of fault.

The damages that you inflict on someone else, or are responsible, shall be compensated.

This can be very expensive ....

What does a liability insurance compensate?

A liability insurance generally compensates all damages that they inflict on someone else unintentionally. It does not matter whether it is damage on person, things or property.


- pushing a wine bottle into the food and polluting the clothes of the injured (called property damage)

- Inadvertently hitting someone with a bicycle and the injured person must be hospitalized (Important: all these costs are borne by the health insurance, but can and are usually returned by the health insurance companies of the injured person) (called personal injury)

- Inadvertent damage to technical devices such as computers, laptop, mobile phone, etc. (called property damage)

- Due to your mistake, the injured party misses his business appointments and cannot conduct an important deal and loses an order of 10000 € (called property losses)

In extreme cases, you must pay throughout your life.

What do you need to heed on about liability insurance?

A normal liability insurance is a standard cover. However, one should pay attention to the fact that certain types of damage are excluded:


1. Key loss

You lose the key to your home or student apartment.

2. Borrowed items

You borrow a laptop from your friend and it falls.

3. Damage to rented items

Or damage to furnishings, such as kitchen or furniture belonging to the owner or on travel, damages on hotel equipment.

4. complacency actions

You help someone relocate or do a work for him free of charge (without paying) and you make a mistake.

5. Gross negligence

You cause damage in a fully drunk state.

Important: A good liability insurance should cover all types of damage and is usually slightly expensive.


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