Accident insurance

Accident insurance generally covers not only medical costs (primary care as well as medical treatment and rehabilitation), but also accident-related costs such as transport of sick children and longer-term follow-up costs, such as compensation for permanent physical impairment (in the sense of a pain relief), lifelong pensions, social assistance such as transitional allowances during the second phase after the accident, care needs such as household aids or food, rehabilitation measures, expenses for travel expenses, (care allowances), necessary renovation measures, death allowances for the survivors and immediate cash payments for certain types of accidents such as leg fractures etc. However, this depends on the concluded contractual conditions.

Examples of why a private accident insurance is necessary:

1. Injured during sports or suffer from a ligament rupture or fracture something

According to specific contract, the private accident insurance provides rapid assistance which helps you to recover quickly and relieves you from your predicament by:

- Driving you to doctor or rehabilitation

- Household aids to clean your home or apartment

- Bring food to your home

- Additional reimbursements which are not paid by the statutory health insurance

- Instant cash benefits

- Personal coordinator so that your wishes are fulfilled as far as possible and the healing process is not influenced

- Better medical care and the possibility to go to specialists

2. In cases of serious accidents, such as car accident, which lead to serious injuries

- You will receive treatment by Germany's leading specialist clinics and rehabilitation centers, so that you have better

  chances of recovery

- Additional cash benefits for disability, for instance, lump-sum payment and monthly lifelong supplementary pension


- Necessary conversion measures or new installment, for instance in bathroom or kitchen as well as car, so that you

  can adjust yourself to your new life

- The most up-to-date tools not paid by the health insurance, such as special wheelchairs or proteases not, at the cost

   of accident insurance, so you can receive family support when necessary 

3. Because of stumbling, you break the incisors and have a scar in the face.

- For the sake of appearance, necessary dentures are reimbursed up to the agreed amounts depending on the contract

   (this would not be paid by the statutory health insurance

- For the sake of appearance, scars in the face are removed by cosmetic surgery. (likewise, this would not be paid by

   the statutory health insurance)


4. Accidents abroad

- to return to Germany for better medical care

- Coordination of the necessary assistance on the site

Generally, the term “accident” refers to those situations which make you injured. They do not have to be serious injuries such as paraplegia, but can also be daily injuries such as ligament rupture, fractures, bee or mosquito stings which lead to health problems. For this reason, it is always advisable to have an accident insurance because it can relieve you from financial or personal restraints which may pose big problems for you or your family.

Important: An accident insurance should be adapted to life situations and be a meaningful supplement.

Private accident insurance is independent of the statutory accident insurance with which every person living in Germany is insured.

Important: The statutory accident insurance only applies if accidents are work-related, on the direct route to work or school (university) and back, during working hours or school time, in emergency services (e.g. first aid assistance in the case of accidents), etc.

And private accident insurances are different among one another!

EASYTOGERMANY has negotiated and compiled package solutions for different areas of life (student, single, family, duo).

These solutions can, of course, also be changed individually.

Solution for student

Solution for duo (2 living in a household)

Solution for Single

Solution for family


Statutory accident insurance

Statutory accident insurance is a branch of social insurance. As a compulsory insurance, it compensates for health damage suffered by insured persons as a result of an insured activity. The legal basis is the Seventh Book Social Code (SGB VII).

Coverage of statutory accident insurance

The statutory accident insurance must, by all appropriate means

1. to prevent insurance accidents (accidents at work and occupational diseases) and work-related health hazards,

2. to restore the health and performance of the insured after the occurrence of insurance;

3. indemnify insured persons or their survivors with cash benefits.

Benefits of statutory accident insurance

The benefits include particular medical treatment, medical rehabilitation, work-life benefits (e.g. retraining), cash benefits to insured persons (for example, wage and pension benefits).