Light Protection Insurance

Being right and getting right are two things. There is much truth in this proverb, because people who have disagreement with their employer, neighbors, as well as in the event of traffic accidents or landlords and want to protect his/her rights on court, will soon face a cost of several thousand euro. With limited financial resource, it is therefore not easy to protect his/her rights. For this reason, according to statistics, almost half of all households in Germany have a Light Protection Insurance, and the most common insurance is the liability insurance (this should always enjoy priority).

 When is a Right Protection Insurance useful?

Whether and to what extent is Light Protection Insurance worthy, depends on your circumstances. For this reason, you should ask yourself in which areas of life will legal concerns might affect you.


For this reason, Light Protection Insurance are usually built up on 4 main areas which can be combined to protect you as much as possible.

 These areas are:

1. Personal legal protection

Examples of personal legal protection:

- You want to enforce your own claims for damages in the private sector, for instance, pain money

- You want to enforce your legal interests from daily contracts, for instance, contracts of purchase, work or repair. There is a worldwide legal protection for contracts, which you have completed online.

- You have disputes with German administrative courts, for example, with the city or municipality or authorities due to residence rights, vacancies of kindergarten, etc.

- Your insurance applies to judicial disputes of German financial and administrative courts, for example, because of income tax.

 2. Traffic rights protection 

Examples of traffic protection:

- You want to enforce your legal interests with regard to the vehicle, for example, due to contracts of purchase, work or repair. There is a worldwide legal protection for contracts you have concluded online.

- You want to defend yourself against an accusation which is imposed on you for disorder. For example, you would like to defend yourself against an unjustified fine.

 3. Property rights protection

Examples of real estate protection:

- You want to enforce your legal interests from rent and tenancy agreements, for example, in the case of a rental increase, termination or eviction. Disputes among neighbors are also covered.

 4. Labor rights protection

Examples of employment protection:

- You want to assert yourself in disputes arising from employment relationships - e. g. due to dismissal, certificate distribution or working time, or when the employer wants to terminate the employment contract by mutual agreement out of a legal dispute.

 What does Legal Protection Insurance cover?

Legal Protection Insurance covers not only lawyer and court costs, but also provides a comprehensive insurance to help the policyholder and his/her family to deal with legal issues and disputes and to pay the costs.

Benefits of legal protection insurance:

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How much does Legal Protection Insurance cost?

Legal Protection Insurance is not necessarily expensive and should be considered according to personal demands.

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