The Supplementary Dental Insurance

When it comes to the teeth in Germany, the statutory health insurance (Public Healthinsurence, GKV) offers only a meager basic insurance. This is why a supplementary dental insurance is a good investment for those who want to smile without complaint, avoid high self-payment and attach importance to healthy teeth.

What does the statutory health insurance generally cover?

The statutory health insurance normally pays 50% of the costs for generally expected dental treatment. That is, they take over the costs for treatment which can reduce your teeth pain. In addition, they offer a so-called bonus program for their insured persons. Once the insured person goes to a dental check at his dentist once a year, and registers on his bonus book over a period of five years, the health insurance company will cover 60 percent of the cost of his dental treatment. From the eleventh year, the reimbursement will be 65 percent. The remaining 50 to 35 percent must always be paid by the insured themselves despite the supplementary insurance - unless he belongs to special cases.

This 65 percent reimbursement cannot be sufficient for a complex dental treatment. In addition, the fixed allowance is granted only if it falls into the regular treatment, to which implants, inlays or plastic fillings do not belong. If, for example, a rotten molar tooth needs to have a crown, the insurance will only pay for a metal crown. If the patient wishes to have a crown made of ceramics, the cost increases drastically. In effect, the fixed grant is then no longer 50, but often less than 20 percent. The difference must be paid by the insured patients themselves, unless they have a supplementary dental insurance.


Total cost of the various crown options (laboratory in D or import)

Type of crown                                                                                 price

Steel crown (import)                                                                    200 €

Steel fender crown (import)                                                350-400 €

Gold crown                                                                             400-750 €

Gold blend crone                                                                   500-800 €

Full ceramic crown easy                                                      400-500 €

Full ceramic crown (elaborate)                                         600-1000 €

Less than € 142-184 per supplemented grant, plus € 54-66 € per year, depending on the bonus of the statutory health insurance funds.

This will incur costs for the insured person from approx. 50.- € to more than 800.- € per crown, which must be carried by the insured.

What does a dental supplement insurance cover?

Professional tooth cleaning

Not always paid by the statutory insurance companies, an additional dental insurance covers the costs of professional tooth cleaning. As a rule, the cleaning of the teeth should be performed 1-2 times a year. Due to the high costs, many insured persons are afraid of this. Because the professional tooth cleaning will cover areas such as interdental spaces, which are not cleaned during daily care, this treatment prevents later diseases. The cleaning of the teeth should therefore be included in the dental supplement insurance.

Easytogermany has attractive solutions for professional tooth cleaning with cooperation with one of the Germany's largest private health insurance company DKV:

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When it comes to dentures, the insured has to pay high costs. Depending on the tariff, 50 to 65 per cent are reimbursed by the statutory health insurance (GKV). If high-quality materials are to be used for the dentures, the actual subsidy will be less. The standard dental insurance also includes inlays made of precious metal as well as ceramic veneers for crowns and bridges.

All those who want to have implants have to ensure that the expensive bone structure is also insured. At least 50 percent of the costs incurred should be borne by the dental supplement insurance. Since the reimbursement, depending on the tariff, covers more than 50 percent of the costs, a supplementary dental insurance is still necessary.


Easytogermany has attractive solutions for professional tooth cleaning with cooperation with one of the Germany's largest private health insurance company DKV:

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