Insurance for Eye Glasses

Statutory insured persons must now bear all costs themselves when they buy glasses and contact lenses.

Example for glass cost:

According to the glass study by the Allensbach Institute for Demoskopie in 2011, 63.4 percent of all people living in Germany over the age of 16 either wear glasses occasionally or regularly. The average cost is approximately 350.- €.

Easytogermany, in cooperation with one of Germany's largest private health insurance company DKV, provides attractive insurance so that you do not have to pay all this cost yourself. We also offer a very attractive foreign-country health insurance which protects you during your holiday or your visit to your hometown in case of illness, up to a period of 3 months abroad against self-paid high cost of illness. If necessary, you will be taken back to Germany.


What is the legal health insurance abroad?

Statutory health insurance - within the EU

Do you belong to the group of the 86% of Germans who have statutory health insurance and have holidays within EU? Then your statutory health insurance (GKV) comes up for all the services you can take on the spot. The presentation of your electronic health card, the so-called European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), is sufficient. It sounds reassuring, but, for example, with the EHIC, you still have to pay in Spain what a Spanish insured has to pay. And what an insured German can have is often less. Thus, it will be possible that the medical cost is higher and your statutory health insurance only cover those that are to incur in Germany, and then you have to pay the rest of the cost by yourself.

Statutory health insurance funds - outside the EU

If you go to holiday, go back to your hometown, or travel outside the EU (for example, China, USA, Morocco, etc.), your statutory health insurance does not pay anything as your insurance does not cover areas outside the EU. If you do not have travel health insurance and get sick abroad, the costs - which are sometimes very high – will amount to 4 to 5 digitals.

Easytogermany helps you to avoid this risk with following solutions for your vacation or trip up to 3 months (normally 45 days) per trip.

Easytogermany + DKV Tariffs provides supplementary insurance for eye glasses and health insurance for stay overseas up to 3 months per trip.

Tarifs and Costs